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About Reliable CFO Plus Accounting

Proudly helping small businesses and nonprofits thrive financially.

Who We Are

CEO Mai Houa Yang is an accounting expert with extensive knowledge of budget planning & management, improving financial processes, and providing financial advice to business leaders. With over 15 years of experience in the world of finance, Mai brings the necessary knowledge and wisdom to help business owners make effective financial decisions and increase their profits.

In addition to working with small businesses, Mai also has several years of experience assisting nonprofits with their financial and bookkeeping needs. She understands the differing requirements of nonprofits, such as grants and restrictions when it comes to using the money.

Mai’s passion is seeing people in her life succeed. With her educational background, skills, and experience, you can expect real results for your business.

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We’re on Your Team

When we work with you, we’re all in. Our job as your CFO or accountant is to be a hands-on team player, meaning we consistently communicate with you and are here to answer your questions. You can always expect the utmost professionalism and attention to your business’s financial needs.

We treat our clients like family. We value the relationships built from working several hours a day together, and for family, you give your best. We truly do everything in our power to ensure your success. We’ll provide the best possible financial advice and solutions, along with providing the necessary training to get you where you need to be.

Dedicated to You and Your Financial Goals.

“Mai has helped Global Fatherhood Foundation do a major clean-up of our books, revamp, and helped us to create better habits and systems to track our finances steadily and professionally throughout the year. Our books are balanced monthly. Working with Mai has given us confidence and enabled us to focus on our growth. It’s a pleasure to work with Mai and her team to ensure we are state compliant. They are highly responsive, efficient, and thorough.”

Sam Mwangi, Executive Director

“Mai’s knowledge of budget and finance has made classroom ordering projects run smoothly from start to finish.  Recently, she successfully coordinated the ordering for 12 new Early Childhood classrooms. This included coordinating the budgets for staff and classroom curriculum and materials.  Mai is diligent, punctual, and accurate. She makes you feel at ease when working with her. I recommend her services. The expense is worth it!”

Melissa B., Team Member

Success Takes Teamwork - Count on Us to Handle the Finances.