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All the Benefits of a CFO On Your Terms

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Every organization needs financial guidance, and you’ve got more options than ever before on how to receive that support. A fractional CFO can be the answer to all your financial problems. Hired on an interim or consulting basis, your organization will get access to high-level financial expertise without the cost of a full-time hire. Reliable CFO Plus Accounting will become a key leader in your organization’s financial health.


On Your Side

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How Your Organization Benefits


Stronger cash flow


Extensive financial planning


Strong budgeting advice


Informed forecasting


Expert accounting


Streamlined systems

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What does a

Fractional CFO do?

A fractional or part-time CFO is a senior financial executive who provides expert financial guidance and leadership on an as-needed basis. They help with essential financial strategies like budgeting and maximizing profitability. To ensure long-term success, our experts can also advise on implementation of financial controls and systems. We serve for- and non-profit businesses, and it’s essential to hire an experienced fractional CFO since they each have their own unique challenges.

What We Offer Our Clients


Fractional CFO Services

Comprehensive financial services available on an interim or consulting basis depending on your needs.


Accounting Services

Strengthening our CFO services, we can also provide an in-depth analysis and interpretation of financial data including budgeting and tax planning.

“I had the opportunity to work with Mai Houa Yang for the last 4 years.  She effectively managed a 10 million dollar budget for MPS.  Her knowledge and skills in finance and budget management were incredible.  From the macro to the micro details of financial management, Mai Houa never missed a beat.  Her professionalism has been one of her greatest assets.”

Maureen S., Former MPS Executive Director

Why Combine CFO

and Accounting?

With a financial expert on your side, many new doors are opened up for your organization. Our fractional CFOs will advise based on your goals and utilize key accounting skills throughout the job. In addition to providing these executive services, we will also handle your day-to-day accounting so you can handle your business. With a better grasp on financial planning and management, we can optimize cash flow to build a sustainable model.

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